This page has gone through several iterations over the last few years as my path has changed and I’ve learned more about both the technical and professional aspects of constructing an online identity. It is still under construction, but many of the most important sections are complete, so I’m ready to share it with the world!

To provide a little background, I am currently studying instructional design and technology at Virginia Tech, but my background ranges from business management to English to rhetoric. I became interested in pedagogy through the University Writing Center at Middle Tennessee State University while I was working on my undergraduate degree in business management. From there, I decided to pursue a master’s degree in English where I focused on various pedagogical approaches to teaching writing using technology. After completing my master’s thesis Using Web 2.0 Technologies to Teach “Literacy for Life”: How to use MultimodalMatters.com to Facilitate Transfer in First-Year Composition at MTSU, I came to Virginia Tech to pursue a Ph.D. in rhetoric and writing. However, I realized that this Ph.D. program did not quite align with my professional goals and decided to transfer to Instructional Design and Technolgy to focus more on the intersection of pedagogy and technology in a broader sense.

During my graduate career at both MTSU and Virginia Tech, I have had the privilege of designing instruction in different contexts, from the classroom setting to training faculty. With that experience and my more formal training, I hope to continue to serve the faculty and students of Virginia Tech in the future. To see some of my recent projects, please visit my portfolio!

Thanks for visiting,
Kayla B. McNabb