Sample Assignments

Click the assignment names to download a PDF of the assignment sheet. An editable Microsoft Word version of each assignment sheet is also available. Feel free to use or adapt these course materials as needed. If you adapt any of the assignments described here, I would love to hear your feedback!

Technical Writing Assignments

Neutral News Email

You will write your instructor an email 1) discussing what you would like to learn from this course, 2) explaining your previous experience with technology, and 3) listing software programs you are comfortable using. You will use appropriate neutral news form, a descriptive subject line, and well-formed content.
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Progress Report

As your group finishes its User Manual Wiki and works on its Kickstarter Page, you will compose a progress report. You will use formal report formatting, including a label for each section. You will discuss each of the collaborative assignments, how your team is working together, any difficulties you have faced, and any other topics you would like to update me on about the project.
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You will brainstorm to develop a product that you think would be useful for a specific audience. You will write a formal proposal to me and your classmates detailing your idea, your target audience, possible strategies for promotion, and possible difficulties. From these proposals, each small group of students will select a product to focus on for the remaining assignments.
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Kickstarter Page

Your group will create a faux Kickstarter page for its chosen product. You will produce a video (introducing the product, interviewing the creator(s), and discussing the outcomes of the campaign), describe the product in detail, compose drawings or pictures of your prototype, and write several reward descriptions for different levels of backers.
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Wiki User Manual

You will create an informational wiki page about your chosen product. Your wiki page will include a detailed description of the product, an exploded diagram with labels for each major component, and instructions that consumers could follow to successfully use the product.
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Composer’s Commentary

After you have completed your major assignment revisions, you will write a letter of commentary on your evolving writing process. You will tell me what kinds of things you changed and why. In this letter, you can also discuss the choices you made in your assignments and explain why you feel they are effective.
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(These descriptions are written as they would be presented to students.)