When working with various types of digital educational content, it can be difficult to collect those objects in one place. To address that issue, I am using a collection of links to my work. Some of this content is more tied to its platform (Canvas, for example) than others, but I want to showcase my work in its authentic context as much as possible. If you have trouble accessing any of these artifacts, please contact me (kmcnabb@vt.edu) so that I can update or fix the links as they become outdated.

Interactive APA Citation Tutorial (Textual)

Nvivo 11 Tutorial (Multimodal)

Designing and Delivering Effective Presentations Module (Multimodal on Canvas LMS)

Composition for Kickstarter: Technical Writing for Real-World Audiences (Multimodal)

This collaboratively-created instructional unit was designed for the Design for Learning course during Spring 2016. The website linked above includes documentation for the design process as well as the instructional unit itself and evaluation plan.

Technical Writing Video Content (Visual)