Week 9- Final Project Reflection

For my final project, I will be making an instructional video about ethical writing practices for an online class of upper-division, undergraduate students. I will also include a brief discussion about the transition from academic integrity in undergraduate coursework to graduate-level work. I hope that this video is useful for various undergraduate and graduate students as they work toward maintaining the ethical integrity of Virginia Tech. I will make my video available after the course is over, and I hope that people use it in their courses.

To complete this project, I will do some research about the transition from undergraduate to graduate-level work. Next, I will write a script for the 5-7 minute video and go through various revisions of that document.  After the script is finalized and the visual aids have been created, I will have a representative read the script while I record the instructional video. With the raw data, I will edit the video to create an organized and professional text that will be appropriate for undergraduate students in general, but is more focused toward upperclassmen. I will not be starring in my video because I will be using this video as part of an experiment concerning the efficacy of online content, and I would like to maintain a professional distance so that my research participants are not influenced by my role in the creation of the video.

Overall, I think this project is useful because it provides a resource for other teachers to use as they talk to undergraduate students about academic integrity. Too often, it seems like discussions of ethical writing in undergraduate contexts revolve solely around plagiarism. As we’ve seen in this class, academic integrity and ethical writing encompass so much more than not cheating, and I think it is important to present this complex picture for upperclassmen who will be entering graduate programs or the workforce within a couple of years.

2 thoughts on “Week 9- Final Project Reflection

  1. I think this sounds like a great idea and the video aspect will be intriguing to students as well as adequately conveying this information in a concise manner.

  2. It is a great idea to look at that transition between undergraduate and graduate students and work. I think it is important to remember that they have overlapping but ultimately different needs.

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