Weeks 14-15: Final Project

At this point in the semester, I am trying to get things finished up. I missed some blog posts during the last few weeks, so I am working to get those caught up and get my final project completed. For that project, I am working on composing my final paper. I created my instructional video, and I’ve completed the research that I plan to use to frame my discussion.

As far as difficulties are concerned, I am working to balance the time I spend on each of my final projects. This is only my seconde semester taking three graduate-level courses (in addition to this one), and I am still working to learn how to keep those things in balance and take care of myself. Unfortunately, some of that is out of my control because I have a condition called idiopathic¬†hypersomnia which causes me to be excessively tired all the time and can cause me to fall asleep while completing tasks like reading and writing. As I work on finishing my final projects, I don’t really have the option of staying up all night to get work done as many college students tend to do which forces me to cram as much work into each day as possible. There is often not enough time, but I try to just keep working as long as I can and pick up where I left off when I return.

As I’ve worked on this project and worked my way through the course, I’ve learned that academic integrity is a multifaceted issue that is largely based on the same values that I found when I looked at codes of conduct: respect, knowledge, and honesty.

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